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Public Sector Partnerships
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Jefferson County

Formed in 2003, the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (JCEDC) functions as Jefferson County’s Governmental Department of Economic Development. It is funded by Jefferson County and through Intergovernmental Agreements between the County and the communities of: Cambridge, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Watertown, Waterloo and Whitewater. The Consortium also operates the Jefferson County Home Buyer’s Program, and the Jefferson County Revolving Loan Fund. JCEDC is the public sector partner organization of Thrive Economic Development.

Jefferson County Communities

Through intergovernmental agreements, the Village of Cambridge, City of Fort Atkinson, City of Jefferson, Village of Johnson Creek, City of Lake Mills, City of Waterloo, City of Watertown and City of Whitewater are all members of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium. Each community supports economic development efforts on a per capita basis and all are represented on the JCEDC board of directors.

Dodge County

In 2017, Jefferson and Dodge County entered into an agreement resulting in a sharing of resources to promote economic development in the two-county area. This arrangement allows for the counties to more effectively promote and market the two-county region to businesses and site selectors and to retain existing primary employers.

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