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A Strategic Location That Puts You on the Map

Our two-county region offers an ideal location. A population of nearly 75,000,000 is reachable within a 500 mile radius. We have available industrial sites near state and interstate highways in both counties, allowing easy access to major metropolitan markets.

Located midway between Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul on the Midwest’s High-Tech IQ corridor, Jefferson County sits between Dane and Waukesha, two of the wealthiest counties in the state, with Interstate 94 and WI Highway 26 running through it. In Dodge County, just to the north, Interstate 41 runs through the upper eastern portion of the county. US Highway 151 cuts diagonally across the county and WI-26 bisects the county, all providing access to Interstates 90/39 and 94.

Both Jefferson and Dodge counties offer easy access to Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis/St. Paul, at a cost significantly less than any one of those cities. Cut your costs and improve your reach in our region.

Check out some of our area maps under Links & Downloads below. Learn more about the Wisconsin, Jefferson and Dodge counties and our communities by visiting the Community Snapshots page.

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