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Housing Development Services for Municipalities
Heartland Housing Initiative

Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s housing needs has become an increasingly greater challenge for municipalities. Having a sufficient supply of a range of housing to attract and retain workers and other residents supports the economic vitality of the community. We want to help you address that need.

Does your municipality want to attract housing developments, but you don’t know where to start? Do you lack the staff, resources and expertise to focus on addressing the housing shortage in your community? The Heartland Housing Initiative can help.

The Heartland Housing Initiative will bring residential housing development assistance to your community. ThriveED has partnered with a team of experts to provide eligible municipalities with development-focused consulting services. Due to generous support, these consulting services are available on a first come, first served basis at no cost to you. 

About the Program

Proposed Services

  • Helping municipalities identify key parcels appropriate for attainable housing unit developments
  • Performing site feasibility study to determine if a site is able to support housing
  • Preparing site level information for use in marketing the site to builders/developer, similar to WEDC’s Gold Shovel Certification program but modified for residential site use
  • Helping municipalities develop and distribute RFPs to attract housing unit developers to key parcels, and/or proposing other options to attract housing unit developers
  • Helping municipalities review housing development proposals/responses to RFPs
  • Reviewing of proposed attainable housing development proformas on behalf of municipalities
  • Assisting municipalities with analysis and potential use of existing tax incremental funds to encourage attainable housing unit development
  • Assisting municipalities in the strategic identification of other public, private and non-profit funding and program resources which can support attainable housing projects and initiatives
  • Identifying gaps impeding attainable housing unit development investments at the municipal level (potential review of zoning or land use processes and/or land and development costs (infrastructure, etc.) that would make the desired development impossible to cash flow given market rates, etc.)
  • Other assistance as requested by municipalities – to be billed at a rate of $165/hour

Municipal Requirements

Municipalities requesting housing consultation services will be required to complete a simple application for services that provides the following:

  • A statement from the community’s governing body showing support for development of a range of housing developments that meet identified needs
  • A draft plan that includes preliminary identification of possible location(s) for a range of housing options and/or a desire to identify the type of housing desired by the community
  • A short, one paragraph explanation of how the community intends to use the consultant’s time and input
  • The name and function of the community’s staff person who will be dedicated to work with the consultant on housing development initiatives

The second round of applications is closed. Stay tuned for updates.

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