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Resource Library

At ThriveED, we read a lot of articles and presentations that we think might be of interest to our partners, so we’ve started compiling them here in a single location. This resource library will be updated frequently, so check back often.

Click on the + to view the documents for each topic.

Topic - 5G

How the US Can Catch Up in the 5G Race – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

How 5G Will Change So Much More Than Your Phone – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

NYC Tries to Even Out Access to Wireless Networks – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

How Much 5G Could Cost Users – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

5G Basics and Public Policy – Policy Brief, George Mason University, February 2019

The Time Has Come for a New Way To Do Wireless and 5G – Forbes column, March 8, 2019

Topic - Broadband

What Broadband Expansion Means For Rural Wisconsinites – Wisconsin Public Radio segment, March 12, 2019 Listen here (26 minutes)

Topic - Cannabis & Industrial Hemp

Employers Delve Into the Weeds of Cannabis Law – Area Development article, Q1 2019

Cannabis – The Latest Buzzword on Investment – Area Development article, Q1 2019

Looking at an exciting future for industrial hemp – Wisconsin State Farmer article, December 18, 2018

DATCP Takes Nearly 2.1K Hemp Grower, Producer Applications – Wisconsin Public Radio Segment, March 4, 2019 Listen here

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